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I’m so happy you’re here, welcome! I’m Jenna and I developed this blog to share my passion for promoting healthy aging, living happily and creating beauty from the inside out, sharing with you my favourite things to eat and do to support a happy healthy and naturally beautiful life. Throw away those restricting diets and eat real food with me, move with me, smile with me, and create lasting lifestyle changes to own your own beauty.

I have two professional backgrounds. I’m a Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator, and I’m a trained Makeup Artist. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition with Distinction from the University of Saskatchewan. After completing my dietetic internship in 2011 and a year of clinical experience as a dietitian, my passions for art and creativity lead me to Vancouver, BC, to study makeup artistry at the renowned Blanche Macdonald Centre. Some may think these are completely separate professions, one being at the science end of the spectrum and the other on the creative artist end. To me they are absolutely integrated, with Nutrition and life itself being art. The art of living well, the visual appearance of beautiful food and the affect that they have on our bodies, health and our appearance, it all amazes me!

As a makeup artist I like to make people beautiful, intriguing, and healthy looking, and I do this with products that are applied on top of the skin. However, a lot of how our skin looks starts with what we put into our bodies. So this is why I’m connecting my nutrition and my artist background together, to help make people look and feel beautiful from the inside out. I see it day to day, how your nutrition can influence looks, skin, hair, nails and overall youthfulness. Aging is inevitable but we can influence the speed of those unwanted signs of aging through what we put in our bodies, and our mental and physical health!


Where it started

My interest in nutrition and its influence on our looks stemmed from personal experience and my love of nourishing food and makeup. I had acne prone skin from teenage years to early adulthood, growing up on a lot of what I like to call “crap”… bologna, ichiban, chips, hot dogs, you name it. Thinking back, it makes me wonder if my parents were trying to kill me… just kidding, they just loved me too much. My skin was horrible, red, inflamed, and I was completely embarrassed by it. I was able to correct some of the acne with prescription medication but if I could have known then what I know now, I would have avoided those harsh meds.

While attending University, my diet changed drastically and I started to exercise regularly. My body size resultantly changed, going from my heaviest to my lightest weight, but I wouldn’t say that I was healthy. One, I cut back too much, lost too much weight, was exhausted, became anemic and missed out on a lot of nutrients; Two, I decreased the amount of my food but the quality of my foods still suffered. I still had white refined grains, processed “low calorie” snacks that lacked nutrients, and really just didn’t eat enough of the good stuff. I also couldn’t understand that as an adult I was still getting miserable acne. Finishing my Nutrition degree and dietetic internship, I finally found I had time to focus on myself. I went through a lot of personal change and growth. I started to focus on treating my body right and making sure I ate enough nourishing foods which eventually crowded out the processed junk. Don’t get me wrong I still have treats and love chocolate, but I learned how to include these in amounts that don’t cause guilt or throw off my overall healthy lifestyle.

With a diet consisting mainly of whole plant based foods, drinking enough water, keeping physically active, including stress reducing exercises, and doing things that make me happy, my skin hasn’t been healthier! Even though I’m also a makeup artist and trained to cover up flaws, it’s a lot easier and makes me feel better to start with a healthy clean canvas.

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Welcome to my life

A little bit of who I am….I’m kinda goofy, a little bit shy and awkward, but I’m also loyal, kind, compassionate and driven. I’m always at least 15 minutes early for everything, I paint, I love outdoor runs in the summer nights, yoga and meditation. I always have to be doing something or I get antsy. I love traveling and want to continue meeting people and experience the beauty around the world!

My boyfriend says I’m stubborn, I call it persistence. I live with my boyfriend who I’m crazy in love with! He makes me laugh, he pushes me, knocks down my perfectionist attitude and motivates me to let go, challenge myself and chase my dreams. We have a pup named Riah, she’s beautiful and she makes my heart smile. You’ll definitely hear more about those two. As for my family, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They’re weird like me. I respect and love them all to bits! I keep friends in my life who promote positivity, whom I can laugh and cry with and who let me be well…me. I hope you all keep people like these in your lives as well!

My goal is to encourage and inspire readers to become confident healthier versions of themselves through natural wholesome foods, fitness, beauty and happiness.

Read on, explore, comment or contact me, I’d love to hear from you!
xox Jenna